DONCRETE 201 : High performance, two- part poly sulphide      sealant for expansion joints where large movements are anticipated in concrete construction. Excellent weathering characteristics and U.V. resistant, Conforms to BS: 4254-1983, ASTM C-920,87. More…..

DONCRETE 202 : Pourable consistency two-part polysulphide sealant, easy to apply, Excellent adhesion and weather resistant to common solvents, mild acids and alkalis. Standards: BS, 4254:1967.

DONCRETE 203 : High performance, two- part polysulphide sealant for sealing expansion joints where large movement in concrete construction. Excellent weathering characteristics and chemical resistant, conforms to BS: 5212. More……

DONCRETE 204 : Two-part poly hydrophilic sealant, flexible and ensures excellent waterproofing cost effective for seating of joint, large movement concrete core cutting joints etc. conforming to DIN-EN-1504 DIN-55455,53479.

DONCRETE 205 : A flexible solvent free epoxy adhesive, sealant and solvent. Designed specifically for use in floor joint, suitable for filling saw cut joints and cracks, though abrasion and chemical resistant. Conforming to BS : 5385 Part-first.

DONCRETE 206 : High performance flexible silicon based glue for windows and cracks which ensures perfect water tightness. Easy to use single component, cost effective. Conforming to BS : 4254 / BS : 5212.