CONCRETE BOND 101 (SBR) : It is a non shrinkage high strength chloride free polymer based grouting, bonding, agent, cement modifier for cement mixes. Dosage:- 1 Kg CONCRETE BOND – 101 : 50 Kg cement for M-20 to M-40 grade of concrete. 1 Kg CONCRETE BOND – 101 : 50 Kg cement for cement mortar. For old to new concrete bonding agent 100 Kg structure 200 Gm. CONCRETE BOND – 101 per 50 Kg. of cement. Conforming to ASTM-D-4541-95. More……

CONCRETE BOND 104 :  A three pack, epoxy based general purpose repair mortar. Attains early and ultra high strength (600 kg/sq/cm.), repair mortar for spilled column, floors, runways etc. coverage: 0.75 sq.m. at 10mm thickness per pack of 7 kg. Conforming to BS : 6319, Part-2 and  7. More………..

CONCRETE BOND 105 : Provides excellent corrosive resistance to the reinforcement bars.More………..

CONCRETE BOND 106 : Two pack; acrylic polymer based bonding agent for old to new concrete & primer for cementations repair work. Excellent bond strength & ideal for concrete floor repair. Coverage : 5-7 m2 per pack of 3 kg. Conforming to BS : 6319.More………..

CONCRETE BOND 106-A : Designed for cost effective repairs to spelled or damaged concrete and floors.More………..

CONCRETE BOND 108 : Two packs, solvent free epoxy based concrete bonding agent ( old to new concrete) and injection grouting products for high early and ultimate strength. Excellent adhesion, increase bond strength, very good chemical resistance, easy to apply, cures even on damp surface. Also can be used to bond renders. Epoxy screeds. Precast concrete sections etc. avoid cold joints. Coverage: 0.3kg/m2 ASTM: C881-Type 1V & 2V. More……..

DONCRETE-MC : It is a ready to use non-shrink, highly, free flow, micro concrete for structural repair- column, beam,slab,floor,bridge deck, void filling E jacketing etc. Confirming to BS:4551.More……..