DONCRETE MIX :DONCRETE-MIX is a mortar plasticizer for mortar in powder form. Conforms to BS 4887 : Better consistency,Reduced mortar droppings,Improved finish,Prolonged workability.

DONCRETE MIX-2 : Fiber reinforced ready mix plastering mortar for internal plaster, excellent permeability resistance. Reduces wastage during plastering and drying shrinkage crack. Used on brick, block & concrete walls. Coverage: 30-32 sq.ft. per 40kg. bag at a thickness 15-16 mm. Conforming to BS : EN: 13501-5.

DONCRETE MIX-6 : Acrylic synthetically bond ready to use putty. Suitable for use on both precast & conventional building on internal surface. Excellent adhesion thixitropicness. 6-8sq.m. at 3-4mm. Thickness per pack of 25kg. Conforming to ASTM-C-804-75.

DONCRETE MIX-T : Single pack, excellent waterproofing, ceramic tiles adhesive. Thyrotrophic mortar suitable for damp total submerged area as well Covg. 6-8sq.m. thick per pack of 25kg. Conform to BS: 5980:1980. More…..

DONCRETE MIX-TPI : Hardwearing water resistant, cost effective grout for filling joints in exterior and interior walls, floor tiles, mosaics etc. excellent weather resistant, no shrinkage. Coverage: Approx. 30 running feet per kg. With 2 mm width of joints. Conforms to BS: 5980:1980 / BS : 5385 Part-1. More…..

DONCRETE MIX-TR : Three-pack, epoxy based chemical resistant title adhesive, good griping surface to both vehicular & pedestrian traffic. Coverage : 25 kg. 2.6 m2 at mm thickness. Conforming to IS : 9162, ASTM-D-2370. More….

DONCRETE THROPAUE : It is for fixing ceramic tiles mixing 1 Kg chemical : 1 Kg Cement covers about 20-25 Sq.feet conforms to BS: 5980: 198.